The Real Ramona


The Real Ramona animation is about one who is addicted to taking photos of herself to get likes and followers on Instagram, but that doesn't make her happy since she's never satisfied with her appearance. She always edits photos before posting them on Instagram in order to get 'likes' from people on social media. The more 'likes' she gets, the happier she becomes. Then she realizes that the more likes and followers she gets on social media, the fewer people she has around her in real life. So she decides to post a picture of herself on Instagram without any editing, and she doesn't care how many followers she will get or whether people will like her picture or not. This makes her love herself more since all that is shown is the real her.​​​​​​​
Character development and storyboard

Hope you enjoy the animation :)

The Real Ramona
Academic project, spring 2019
Advisor: Prof. Gustav Kvaal and Prof.Torkell Bernsen
Made at Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UiB

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