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What is FridgeFree?

FridgeFree is a food waste reducing app which is a platform for people of every gender, who want to decrease the amount of food wastage and become better at managing their budget especially on food.


There are a lot of environmental problems nowadays, food waste is one of them to be concerned about. One of the reasons for food waste is people don’t know what to make from the ingredients they have, then some are getting old, others are expired. And there will be more food waste in the end.
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The idea is to create an application that allows you to insert the food you have and quantity of them, then the app will calculate and show you what possible dishes you can make based on those ingredients that are inserted. The app will also give the users ability to connect with people in their area, so that they are able to share the excess food which is still edible. Moreover, this app will cooperate with food bank organizations, so it will show where you can give your “not so good” food to, e.g. Maisto Bankas containers.

Thank you!

Self-initiated project, Fall 2020
Advisor: Doc. Meno lic. Robertas Jucaitis
Made at the graphic design department, Vilnius Academy of Arts

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