Visual Identity

About MA-exhibition
This virtual exhibition space is a platform for publishing and disseminating the work of the graduating class of 2020 — MA in Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, Norway.
Presented here are 26 unique and distinct graduation projects. This cohort of designers are a diverse group, each with their own set of expertise and interests, while collectively what unites them is a deep engagement with issues beyond the field of design. They address a wide range of social, political and environmental themes in their work. They have each explored not only what design means to their practice, but also explored the role of designers in a broader social context.
Typeface: Everett by Nolan Paparelli.
A big thanks to Nolan for supporting the students by giving free access and permission to use Everett in this project.

Thank you!

MA–exhibition, Spring 2020
Identity by BA 2 Visual Communication students:
Vilde Valland Aarseth, Vilde Helene Takla,
Kari Borg Hommerstad, Emil Olsen,
Ivar Skre Aarønæs, Evelyn Baifern Haug,
Mats Kåre Hope and Anny Follesøy.
Made at Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UiB

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